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Size Lustre Metallic File Size*
8x10" $3.60 $9.00 9MB
8x12" $4.25 $9.00 11MB
11x14" $7.15 $10.75 17MB
12x16" $15.65 $20.40 22MB
12x18" $15.65 $20.40 25MB
16x20" $18.00 $23.90 36MB
20x20" $21.55 $28.75 45MB
20x24" $21.55 $28.75 55MB
20x30" $23.90 $31.15 68MB
24x30" $41.90 $56.20 82MB
24x36" $53.80 $71.75 98MB
30x40" $78.95 $98.30 135MB
40x40" $98.65 $131.55 183MB
40x60" $147.30 $205.65 270MB
* A mimimum charge of $22.00 applies to each order
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At We Print Photos our efficient 'Direct Output' photo printing service is a very popular way to get quality photo prints the same day !
Files in by 10 am will be out by 5pm the same day when printing on Lustre photo or Metallic photo papers (Workflow permitting).
All you need to do is ensure that your digital files are prepared to the following specifications.

Lustre Photo Prints

With a slight stipple texture, this photo paper has a semi matte finish, more resistant to handling than other sensitive surfaces. Excellent flesh tones, saturated colours, exceptional sharpness and contrast optimised for digital systems.

Metallic Photo Prints

This photo paper uses a proprietary combination of film laminate layers to produce a three-dimensional with a glossy finish, striking, distinctive, metallic eye-catching look, increased colour gamut for rich impact and intense blacks to enhance photo print appeal.