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Size Cost File Size*
8x10" $43.10 17MB
8x12" $43.75 17MB
10x14" $46.65 17MB
11x14" $46.65 17MB
12x16" $55.15 22MB
12x18" $55.15 25MB
14x20" $57.50 36MB
16x20" $57.50 36MB
16x24" $61.05 36MB
20x20" $61.05 45MB
20x24" $61.05 55MB
20x30" $69.90 68MB
24x30" $91.90 82MB
24x36" $107.35 98MB
30x30" $131.60 135MB
30x40" $148.35 135MB
40x40" $175.50 183MB
40x50" $187.40 270MB
40x60" $264.10 270MB
A4 $43.75 17MB
A3 $55.15 45MB
A0 $176.75 270MB

*Approximate size of files required to
print a clear & sharp image.

*Prices shown are for the total price
including the 'PRINT ON LUSTRE', 'ARTMOUNT' & G.S.T.

Artmount Finishing

Made from a lightweight polyurethane foam. Artmount is ideal for permanent photographic print displays and one-off exhibitions where having something lightweight is important to keep work easy to transport.

Finished with your choice of black or white edging, this product is perfect for a ready to hang finished display.