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Calibration & File Specifications


To improve the accuracy of consistent colour reproduction we recommend regularly calibrating you monitor. We recommend using 'Eye-One Display by X-Rite/Gretag macbeth' hardware and software or the 'Spyder3 Express' to calibrate your monitor to display colours according to the correct standards.

This hardware and software is available for purchase through We Print Photos.

Direct Output Specifications

At We Print Photos our efficient direct output service is a very popular way to get quality prints same day! Files in by 10 am will be out by 5pm the same day when printing on Lustre or Metallic papers (Workflow permitting). All you need to do is ensure that your digital files are prepared to the following specifications…

File Format:

* JPEG Recommended Compression: Standard Baseline 12 without channels or paths
* TIFF Recommended compression: Uncompressed without channels or paths.

* Embedded Colour Space: Adobe 98 or sRGB

* Resolution: 200 dpi

* 8 Bits/Channel

* Keep file names as short as possible

* Please note that if you do not receive an automated confirmation email from us soon after you have uploaded your files, it means that we have not received your order.