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Metal Prints

Give your images extra impact with our unique Metal Prints!
Printing onto this inspired new product gives your artwork and photos a real edge with stunning results.
Our process provides deep and vibrant luminescent colours with unsurpassed detail to your high resolution images that makes them look three dimensional.
The translucent dyes and reflective quality of the aluminium lights up your images with colour that jumps off the metal.

    Metal Prints offer durability and archival quality that is unmatched.

    Your image is infused into specially coated aluminium which ensures a durable and archival scratch resistant surface.

    Metal Prints are waterproof and weatherproof. This means you can hang your prints in areas where moisture and heat are present.

    You can clean the prints as often as you like with glass cleaner and microfibre cloth.

    Product details:
    * Sizes: 8x10" to 30x40"
    * Very High Gloss finish
    * Rounded Corners Optional extra
    * Floating Hanger Optional extra
    * Lightweight for easy hanging